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RIP 2020. Underground truths, alternative narratives.

December 31 2020

Truth’s supportive of health, abundance and happiness have been harder to come by in 2020 as both mainstream and social propagated narratives beneficial to a select few and questionable in their veracity and actively silence alternative narratives.

In trying to make sense of 2020 it feels as though the greatest casualty has been truth. It became widely accepted, advanced by medias role in the US presidential campaign, that there are multiple truths all existing at once.

The truth that resonates deeply as true is still available to all, but it takes some digging, especially in this ‘post-truth’ age of mass disinformation. Staying positive and grounded in the face of a herd consensus driven top down by mass media is the task at hand.

With personal liberty under attack all around the globe, all at once, there no more important topic for critical discussion to take place than around Covid-19, Intuitively, the current narrative does not stack up.

Below are some of the resources that may help to provide alternative perspective and depth to what may really be going on.

Three podcasts from Luke Storey offer rich rabbit holes of information.

So dive in:


Dr. Thomas Cowan

David Icke

Some of these get a bit way out and it is critical to apply your own critical thought in deciding how much of these you take on board or accept as truth. The three videos above are listed in order of how ‘out-there’ they are, with Zack Bush being moderate and David Icke being more ‘extreme’.


• Read: Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense – Engelbrecht, Torsten, Köhnlein, Claus
• Read: Cancer and the New Biology of Water – Dr Thomas Cowan MD
• Read: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life – Arthur Firstenberg

Plus this video from US Senate Committee on Homeland Security

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