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Alternative Cancer Treatments

June 10 2014

If you have to deal with cancer, here is the download for naturally managing it.


Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”

Less is more – the less you eat, them more your body can focus on eating. When you fast, your body enters a state called Ketosis – a state where, in the absence of food, all that is not “core necessity” is viewed by the body as potential fuel and must be “thown on the fire” to keep the body going. In ketosis, there is no room for foreign entities – they have to go – and the body will naturally shift to the work of repair and maintenance. Even if you are in advanced state of decline you should consider fasting ie: water only (here is a link about water that you should read before you start), or, at the very least juice fasting. Green Juices work best (here is the link to a great green juice). Taking the load off the body so it can heal is crucial.

Quality & What to Eat – dead stuff is not food – that means meat, sugar & dairy (unless its in cultured form) – NOT FOOD – GOT TO GO FROM YOUR DIET STARTING NOW. Your body can construct what your cells need to function from these things, however its a clumsy way to go when you can get exactly the same substances that power our cells – straight from the source (ie: plants). It is easy to get these building blocks directly from plants. So why not. Cooking plants over 40deg celsius destroys important enzymes, so raw is better. Green leafy vegetables are one of the best sources of all the natural enzymes we need. Eat consciously and remember to combine food correctly (food combining chart below). Don’t forget to chew to unlock the healing, healthful enzymes that the plants gift to us when we eat them.


MIND / SPIRIT – A massive change of state can only be effected through action. You mentally must move your mind to a state of vision for the future, and being in joy – not focusing on the “evidence” (ie: i have cancer). Cancer’s flatmate is stress. However you attain the state change to move from stress to joy only you know – but clearly you will need to shift something – its ultimately a very personal thing. Quitting your job, moving to a new relationship, shifting houses or even countries  – radical change of mind state. When you are in a positive state of mind cancer cannot grow. States of meditation, relaxation and having fun are also those where cancer cannot thrive. HAVE FUN. ELIMINATE STRESS FROM YOU LIFE. BE RUTHLESS IN THIS.

BODY – Treatments – Here is the list of products…

• Vitamin B17 (Laetrile / Amygdalin),
• Soursop (Sirsak) Leaf Tea,
• Papaya Leaf Juice,
• Ozonides +/or Ozone therapy
• Moranga Powder
• Fresh Noni Juice

• For Lung Cancer artemisinin, a “Sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia Annua” derivative has been shown as effective
SLEEP  – Sleep is crutial. Sleep as much as you can and as much as feels natural without feeling that you are being lazy. Your body only grows when you are in theta brain wave state (ie: when you are asleep for most people). The cancer can’t grow in this state. So get on top of a solid sleep regime and stick to it.

Note: All people at all times have cancerous cells in their body. Cancer only gets the upper hand when the effected organ / area fails to maintain proper balance.

FINALLY – Chemotherapy is the LAST AND WORST OPTION. While there is breath in your body, there is not only hope, but every chance to change your vibration from one of deline (disease) to one of growth (health). If the doctors want you to do chemo – take that cash and blow it on a holiday or something else that will give your cells a feeling of joy rather than stressing further them with radioactivity. People that survive following chemotherapy often say they wished they never did it and there was generally some other factor other than the chemo that caused them to heal. Dream something more radical than chemo and do it. Your body will take care of the rest.

Food Combining Chart

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