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Cancer, Sunglasses, Sunscreen.

April 1 2015

Cancer is caused by damaging rays from the sun… Maybe.

But perhaps its worth considering this a little further.

The eye is one of natures most incredible structures. It makes sense that if the sun is bright and hot, and the eye can perceive that that if there were a natural form of protection that could be turned on in the skin the message would come from the eye. Well guess what. Thats exactly what happens. Except we all wear sunglasses. So no wonder we burn.

Add to this the fact that most sunscreens or sun creams are made from petrochemical waste. That stuff has NO business anywhere near us humans, let alone rubbed into our skins. There are dangerous toxins, the by-product of the decay of all those dead animals that go into the creation of the oils that form the basis of petroleum, that have no business being allowed to enter the body by way of our largest and most permeable organ – our skin…

Draw your own conclusions, but the above is now backed up by hard scientific evidence.

If you want a great natural alternative, use coconut oil…

Thats right, black is white and down is up…

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