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August 20 2013

Life = vitality. THE FORMULA is a recipe for vitality. Vital cells = Vital body = Vital mind = Vital spirit

THE FORMULA is an easy simple, powerful and efficient set of interdependent steps designed to be practiced immediately upon rising every day. It is a combination of biochemistry, nutrition, meditation, breathing and yoga. It is scientifically researched and based. And it is fun. But best of all – it takes almost no time at all. If you only incorporate one thing for your body into your day, this should be it. You may forget to go to the gym, to go for a run, to do yoga, but do not forget THE FORMULA. Its the best thing you can do for your vitality.

PS: The Formula is designed to compliment your existing health and fitness routine, not replace it! So keep up! But if you do have to miss out on your run, yoga, mediation or breakfast – please still make sure that you squeeze in The Formula.

Ingredients: • toxin removal • oxygen • water • nutrients

Method: • alkalise • breathe • flush • juice


Step 1 – Alkalise!

Aim: Set the ultimate foundation for your vitality with the right bio-chemistry.
Time: It only takes a moment! Make this the first thing you do when you wake up!
How:  Lemon Water! Squeeze half a fresh lemon into a glass, adding fresh filtered water. Drink it down! Ideally the water should be neither hot or cold but warm.
Why: To make your system slightly ALKALINE.
The Science: Visualise what vibrant healthy blood looks like:  of course it will be bright red – fully infused with oxygen – but importantly, because it is negatively charged (electron rich), your blood cells will repel each other and your blood flows freely. By starting your day with the right alkalinity, the positively charged ions (the bad guys also known as free radicals) that are trapped inside your cells will be lured out into the negatively charged circulatory system. From here they may be eliminated as waste via the excretory, urinary, respiratory, and lymphatic systems. Symptoms of an unbalanced, acidic, proton rich system include ageing, fatigue and disease. Slightly alkaline is vital!
Optional: Spend a moment to set an intent. This may be for anything, a powerful day, something you wish for, helping someone, or something for your mind, body or spirit.


Step 2 – Breathe!

Time: Begin with 3 minutes and work your way up to 7 minutes per day.
Aim: Start your engine! Get all the body’s system pumping, infusing your blood with oxygen and detoxifying all in one.
How: Controlled Breathing. It may seem strange to start, but you will feel how good this is for you immediately.
62e9e6f6a2bc7376a394fb2a18cf7cbe1. Sit cross-legged on the floor or on the edge of a chair with your spine as straight as possible for the whole exercise.
2. Raise your arms up to an angle of 60° and curl your fingers in so that the tips touch the top of the palm of your hand, just under the base of your fingers.
3. Point your thumbs up at right angles to the rest of your hand with your palms facing forwards. Bring your chin down lightly so that your neck lengthens and continuously stretch upwards throughout the exercise.
4. Start to rapidly, rhythmically and continuously breathe in and out through the nose. 2 or 3 times per second is perfect. Pull your diaphragm and abdomen up and in during the exhalation and let it out during inhalation. Done properly, your breathing will be very fast and loud.
Why: This is an ancient and highly sophisticated Yogic technique named “Ego Eradicator” which incorporates a powerful type of breath control or “Pranayama” called “Breath of Fire”. It is the most rapid and effective way to oxygenate and purify the blood, detoxify cells and remove waste.
The Science: Oxygen is key to life. Delivery of Oxygen via Pranayama is the most naturally effective way to super-charge the body with the fresh oxygen and vital energy it needs. It releases stale air from your lungs, expands capacity, it relaxes any tension around the heart; strengthens the nervous system to help manage stress and restores nervous system balance. It will empower you to move more freely between action & relaxation. It will also focus your mind. The bonus is that by pumping the diaphragm in this way, you also power the circulatory system of the lymph and blood fluid.


Step 3 – Flush!

Time: As long as it takes to drink a glass of water.
Aim: Clear the system of the toxins that have been built up.
How: Add half a teaspoon of ‘Happy Mood Salt’ or Himalayan rock salt to 500ml of reverse osmosis filtered water. Drink it down!
Why: Replace trace elements and flush the toxins released from the Alkalising and Breathing.


Step 4 – Juice!

Time: 5 minutes
Aim: To hydrate and super charge the system, flushing toxins and providing cells with everything they need to serve you for the day.
How: Click here to Green Juice recipe
Why: Fuel your cells and eliminate toxins
The Science: The body has the ability to synthesise everything it needs to maintain perfect health and vitality  provided the key ingredients are being made available! You are making them available!
Benefits: Promote Telomerase production.






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