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Green Juice Recipe

June 8 2014

Here is the green juice recipe.

To get this really right you need a cold press juicer. The blender is not suitable for making these types of juice… The benefit is lost as the beneficial enzymes are almost completely lost due to the instant oxidisation that occurs by the action of the blender. Thats why cold press is the best. A small hand juicer will work fine.

Also make sure the produce is organic. Thats the real medicine. Remember Hypocrotes “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”. Plants accumulate (and pass on to humans) pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which have to somehow be processed by our poor bodies…. The poor fungus, bacteria and insects are simply rebelling against monoculture – they are trying to return balance – and we nuke them with chemicals like insane retards. In balanced organic systems there is no need for chemicals.

First cold press this stuff…
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch bok choy
1 bunch coriander
1 bunch celery

Then cut this stuff and cold press it too…
1/2 – whole hand ginger
1/2 – whole hand turmeric (if you can get it fresh great, if not a teaspoon of dry powder)
1 cucumber
1 apple

Finally, add it all together with this stuff…
1 whole lemon or lime
1 teaspoon spirialina
1 teaspoon maca
30ml aloe vera

Stir and you’re done.

Important to drink it ASAP as the enzymes start to decay and oxidise as soon as they come out of the plant and in contact with the air.

This is the GOOD OIL!

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