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Human Design

February 7 2015

Human Design is a synthesis of several ancient systems, integrating aspects of Astrology, the I Ching, chakras, and the Kabbalah. It represents a map of human consciousness that links these old wisdom traditions to contemporary thought. It connects in particular to our modern understanding of genetics as well as quantum physics.

Human Design may be defined as “…a user manual for life, a practical tool for showing how we are constituted to make healthy decisions and live as unique beings. Your Human Design BodyGraph reveals your Definition (who you are) and your Openness (who you think you are, where you learn and can find wisdom, but also where you are susceptible to Conditioning).”

Human Design offers tools not only for understanding your fundamental ‘human design’ but also for living an aligned life and making decisions that fit with your particular design.

Get your chart and start understanding your design:

About the ‘creator’ and ‘revelation’ of human design


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