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Learnings from Anastaia – Ringing Cedars

June 18 2014

“Forgetfulness of our derivation is the cause of our modern devastation” – Book 2, p75


“The Purity of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions held by the majority is what determines the place of humanity in time and the Universe” – Book 1, p172 


“How can I not believe in all women , Vladimir, since I know that the Divine essence is present in every woman living on Earth today? So let it reveal itself in all its resplendent array! Goddesses! Women of the Divine Earth! Reveal in yourselves your own Divine essence. Show yourselves to the whole Universe in all the beauty of your original pristine presence. You are a perfect creation, you are created from the Divine Dream. Each of you is capable of taming the diverse energies of the Universe – dear women, goddesses of all the Universe and the Earth ! ” – Book 4, Chapter 10


“It is when you hear more than just words. When suddenly there is a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul and tears of joy in your eyes. And when sensations of warmth and fragrances and sounds are born in you. When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create and a thirst for purification, you may be sure that you are clearly hearing the thoughts of light.” – The Space of Love (When asked how one is to know the difference between his own mental voices and those of true inspiration, or “good” or “bad” or what have you…)

“All at once, as by an impulse, each element was touched by communication! All of them at once, throughout the unfathomable Universe. Throughout those complexes of living energy one suddenly began illuminating the rest. Whether the complex was old or young could not be expressed in ordinary tounges. Wheither it arose from the vaccum of space or from the spark of all the possibilities one could imagine is not important. Whatever its semblance, the resulting complex bore a most striking resemblance to Man! To Man who is still living today! It was similar to his second self. Not the material, but the eternal, sacred self. The living energy of its aspirations and dreams first began to lightly touch all elements in the Universe. And He alone was so fervent in His devotion that He was able to bring all sensations and feelings into locomotion. The sound of communication began to resound through the Universe. And if the first sounds were to be expressed through translation into modern words, we would feel the sense of questions and answers. From all across the unfathomable Universe one question was uttered by all, addressed only to Him:

‘“What do You so fervently desire?’ everyone enquired.

“And He, confident in His dream, replied:

‘“Conjoint creation and joy for all from it’s contemplation.’

‘“And what may bring joy to everyone in the Universe?’


‘“The birth of what? Each one of us has been self-sufficient for as long as we can recall.’

‘“A birth in which will be included particles of all!’

‘“ How is it possible to reunite in a single whole that which is all destructive and all-constructive at the same time?’

‘“ Through opposing forms of energy, after first bringing them into line, balancing them in one’s self, you see!”

‘“And, to achieve this, who so strong would there be?’

‘“Me.’ (THE I AM)

‘“But there is the energy of doubt. Doubt will attempt to decoy and destroy you, and the diverse multitude of energies will tear you into tiny particles. No one can unite and hold opposites in a single whole.’

‘“But there is also the energy of confidence. When confidence and doubt are equal, they will facilitate exactitude and beatitude for future co-creation.’

‘“And how do you call yourself?’ (Doubt-Confidence= balance)

‘“I am God (Yahuah). I shall be able to deploy particles of all your diverse energies within Myself. I shall stay great! I shall create! To the whole Universe creation shall bring forth Joy!’

‘“From all quarters of the Universe all elements simultaneously released the multitude of their energies into Him alone. And each endeavoured to gain ascendancy over the rest, so that it alone might establish itself as supreme in its new home.(+energy- -energy=Balance)

“Thus began the great struggle of all the forms of energy in the Universe. There is no measure of time or space (Because they are ficticious measuring sticks) to describe the scale of that struggle. Calm returned only when in each one’s consciousness one fact gleamed: that nothing could be higher or stronger than the One energy of the Universe-the energy of the Divine dream.

“God possessed the energy of the dream. He was able to take in and compile all within Himself, bring all into balance, reconcile opposites and begin to create. And to create still within Himself. Indeed, in His creating of future creations still within Himself, He cherished each detail with speed on a measureless scale, and worked out the interrelationships with everything else for each and every creation. He did it all alone. Alone in the darkness of the unfathomable Universe. Alone He set into motion the diverse energies of the whole Universe.

The uncertainty of the outcome frightened everyone and removed them a distance from the Creator. The Creator found Himself standing in empty space. And that empty space was expanding.

“A deathly cold appeared. Dank fear and alienation held sway around, while He alone beheld the awesome dawn of each new day, heard the singing of birds, and breathed the sweet fragrance of the blossoming of the ground. With His fervent dream He alone unfolded His marvelous creations in their sheen.

‘“Stop! They pleaded. ‘You are in empty space. You are going to explode! How do You contain the energy within Yourself? Nobody is helping You squeeze or contract, and now Your only course is to explode. But if you have a moment remaining, stop! You must act to gently release your creative energies.’

“And He replied:

‘“My dreams! I will not betray My pact with them! For them I will continue to contract and accelerate My energies, My powers. My dreams! In them I see the ants hurrying and scurrying across the grass, among the flowers. And the eagle in his bold ascent into the sky is teaching his young how to fly.’

“With His own unfathomable energy God accelerated in Himself the motion of all the diverse energies of the Universe as a whole. Inspiration squeezed them into a small kernel in His Soul…

“And all at once He sensed a touch. Everywhere, from all quarters in turn, He felt the burn of a new unfamiliar energy, and then it withdrew to warm Him with its warmth from a distance, filling all with some kind of new power. And all that was previously empty space suddenly began to radiate with grace. And the Universe resounded with new sounds, when God enquired with tender ecstacy:

‘“Who are you? What kind of energy are you?’

“And He heard the words of Music in reply:

‘“The Energy of Love and Inspiration AM I.’

‘“A particle of You is within Me. It alone is able to restrain and cage the energy of disdain, hatred and rage.’ (Love-Rage=balance)

‘“You are God. Your energy – the dream of Your Soul – has been able to bring everything into the harmony of the whole. And if my particle has been of assistance there, then hear Me out, O God, and to help me be prepared.’

‘“What do You desire? Why have you touched Me with all the power of Your fire?’

‘“I have realized that I AM Love. I cannot remain simply a particle of… I desire to give my whole self to Your Soul. (Love becomes Yahuah’s Beloved here) I know, so as not to disrupt the harmony of good and evil, You will not admit me as a whole. But I shall fill with Myself the empty space around You. I shall warm with My cheer all the room within and around You. You shall not be touched by the cold of the Universe and its gloom – it shall not even come near.’

‘“What is going on here? What indeed? You have begun to shine even brighter!’

‘“I Am not doing this alone. This is the presence of Your energy! Your Soul! It is only being reflected by Me. (The scriptures/truth are like this. Reflections not the source)

Your reflected light comes back, back to your invisible Inner Self.’

‘“Aflame with courage and aspiration, God, inspired by Love, exclaimed:

‘“Everything is proceeding with acceleration. Everything is astir in Me. O, how marvelous is inspiration here above! And now let the dreams of My creation come to fruition in most radiant Love!” – Book 4, Chapter 3 (Co-Creation)


“The people that established for centuries to come the first family domains had still not completely felt the significance of what they had done – they simply began looking more joyfully at the world around them. They were still not consciously aware of the great joy their actions were bringing to their Heavenly Father. The Father was sending tears of joy and tenderness upon the Earth amidst the drops of the falling rain. And He smiled with the sunshine, and was endeavouring to use the little branches of young trees to give a secret caress to His children who had suddenly become aware of eternity and had come back to Him.” – Book 5, (Who are we?), Page 45


High priest darkened heart Man ( So Sad) him thinking to himself…
“He had to bring about the thought of every single human being to the notion that slavery is the highest bliss. He had to launch a self-developing programme to disorient whole nations in space, time and ideas – especially in their literal perception of reality.”

“I have thought up a way of turning all people living on the Earth into slaves of our Pharaoh…..with a few simple sentences.” – Announced to slaves and all Egypt – “With the dawn of the new day all slaves will be granted complete freedom. For each stone brought to the city, the free men will receive one coin. The coins may be exchanged for food, clothing, housing, a palace in town, or even a whole town. From here on in, you are a free people.”

“People in the future may call democracy”

“Thousands of former slaves chasing one after the other, hauling the same stones as before. Dripping with sweat, many of them were carrying two stones apiece. Others with only one stone in their hands, were literally running, kicking up the dust as they ran. Some of the guards were also hauling stones. These people, who now considered themselves free – after all, they were no longer in chains – strove to obtain as many of the sought-after coins as they could, so that they could build a happy life for themselves.” – Book 8.1, Chapter 6 (Demon Cratius) pg 72-74


“This is not mysticism, Vladimir, you must understand. Fruits grown with love can give their grace only to those who them-selves have instilled love in them, or to those to whom the growers give them of their own free will. This is the order of the Universe, …” – Book 7, Page 165


“…Vedism, could scarcely be termed a ‘religion’. It would be more accurate to refer to it as the culture of a way of life. It was the greatest culture alive on the Earth, belonging to a highly spiritual civilisation. This civilisation did not need to believe in God-its people knew God. This civilisation’s people communicated with God, they understood the thoughts of the Creator. They knew the designated purpose of every blade of grass, of every midge, of every planet. The civilisation’s people continue to rest in our souls even to this day. They will most certainly awake. The happy, life-delighted creators of a marvelous planet, the children of God-the Vedruss people.
These are not empty words. There is as much evidence to back them up as can be desired.” – Book 7, Page 180


‘But you know, Vladimir, this is exactly what does happen in life. No matter what the system. It is still only a system. It is always calculated to wean the heart and soul away from Man when he is still small and to subject him to the system. So that he grows up like everyone else, in a way that will fit the system. And so it goes on for ages on end, so as to prevent the human soul from experiencing clarity of vision. To prevent Man from discovering himself in his beauty as a whole, with a God-given soul. Yes, Man! The ruler of all the Universe.”

“They must not interfere, they need to see their children clearly in their own thinking the way God Himself has wished. It is the aspiration of all the forces of Light in the Universe that each newborn child be endowed with the very best of creation. It is the parents’ duty not to hide the creative Light under the erudition of invented dogmas. For ages upon the Earth debates have arisen as to which system might be the wisest. But think about it yourself, Vladimir. Debates arise where Truth is hid from sight. Fruitless debates can go on forevermore as to what might be found behind the closed door. But one has only to open the door and it will be clear to all, and there will be nothing to debate, since everyone will be able to see the Truth for himself.” – Book 3, Chapter 14, Page 108


“And the Father exclaimed in delight: ‘My son is a creator’, as He fed His child with His creations.” – Book 7, Page 79 (divine nutrition)


“Man’s destiny! Many are wont to think that Man’s fate is decided by someone up there. But this ‘someone’ simply makes available to every Man the most powerful energy in the Universe-an energy capable of not only shaping its holder’s destiny, but of creating whole new galaxies. This energy is called human thought. It is not enough just to know that this is so. One must become consciously aware of this phenomenon-one must feel it.” – Book7, Chapter 3


“The soaring soul passes through all the dimensions of the Universe, and after visiting a number of different planes of being, it is once again embodied in conventional human form.” – Book 6, Page 145


The Vedic at this point were living in abundance and happy and knew what their purpose in life was. So why did they listen to these so called ‘wise men’?? Here are the dark priests in disguise, though not stated:
“You are doing things the wrong way,” said the Wise men. “We have come to teach you how to talk with God. (they already knew!!) All over the Earth an array of temples and palaces has been built in His honour, (Nature already built these!!) where people can talk with God every day. And we shall teach you to do the same.” – Book 6, Page 172


” Vedism was based solidly on a Divine culture. Everyone’s way of life was Divine. ( because they listened/heard and followed through with Father, Co-creation. He was their friend) And every family created in its domain a Space of Love, they felt the wholeness of Nature and, consequently, of everything God had created. What happened in Vedism was that people spoke with God through Nature. (God’s Hand of giving) Instead of bowing down before Him, they attempted to understand Him. They loved God as a son and daughter love their kindly parents.” – Book 6, Page 186, ‘ The secret war with Vedic rus’


“Images can lead people to a many-splendoured creation, but if their inner unity is surrendered they can also lead to annihilation … An image is an entity of energy invented by human thought. It can be created by a single Man or by several together.” – Book 6, Page 151 ‘Imagery and Trial’


“Through thought alone it is possible to grow a flower on the Moon, create an atmosphere capable of supporting human life, plant a garden there and find one’s self with one’s beloved in that garden in the flesh. But, before that can happen, thought must transform the whole Earth into a flourishing paradise garden. And that has to be done through collective thinking.” – Book of Kin, Chapter 6


“There is a law in the Universe that says: A single creator inspired by love is stronger than all of the sciences combined, which are deprived of love.”

“The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. You are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation.”

“In the book you are about to write, Vladimir, there will be unobtrusive combinations, formulas made up with letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good an radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of the body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future. Believe me, this is not mysticism – it is in accord with the laws of the Universe.”


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