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Miracle gallbladder and liver flush

January 8 2014

Miracle liver & gallbladder cleanse

Starting 6 days before the cleanse: Drink a liter of organic apple juice a day, separate from food. Alternatively you can use raw organic apple cider vinegar 30mL in a glass of water. Ideally this should be done first thing in the morning.

During the week avoid foods from animal sources, dairy, eggs, fried food, supplements, cold/chilled beverages.

On day 6: Drink the last liter of juice in the morning. If you can, do colonic irrigation some time around breakfast time.
Breakfast: light. Ideally just green juice. Otherwise just light and avoid sugar, spices, milk, butter, oils, yoghurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries, cold cereals.
After 1.30pm – only water
At 6pm: 4 tablespoons Epsom salts in 24 ounces of water (=3 x 8 oz. glasses). Divide this portion into 4 servings. Drink 1st serving now! This is to build bile and slacken the bile duct as well as being a mild laxative. Take a few sips of water afterwards and brush your teeth or rinse mouth with baking soda.
8pm: Drink 2nd serving!
9.30pm: If you haven’t had a bowel movement at this stage (and you have not done a colon cleanse within past 24 hours) then it is recommended to yet, take a water enema.
9.45pm: Wash grapefruits (or lemons and oranges). Squeeze and remove pulp. Fill 3/4 glass (6oz.) juice into a pint jar with 1?2 glass (4oz.) olive oil. Close jar and shake hard 20 times or until solution is watery. It tastes delicious if served cold; you can even add ice cubes and make a smoothie by whizzing it.
10pm: Drink grapefruit/olive oil mix (or up to 10.10 pm if need toilet still) while STANDING next to bed. Drink concoction without interruption. LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY to release gallstones. Lie flat on back, 1-2 pillows propping your head up. If uncomfortable with head higher, lie on right side with knees pulled up. Lie perfectly still for at least 20 min. Block out the outside world completely. Put your attention on your liver. Sleep if you can in fetal position on the right side… If you need bowel movement during the night, do so.
If you experience strong pain longer than an hour later you can take 20 drops of either fumitory or wormwood tincture in water which will relax the muscle or help with biliary spasm respectively.
When the mixture arrives at the open bile duct, it will start to flush the gallstones. You may need to go to the bathroom upon waking -it’s ok! Go. You may notice the stones in your toilet water. Continue to go to the bathroom as and when needed from now on.
6-6.30am: Drink 3rd serving. Rest or read in an upright position.
8-8.30am Drink 4th serving!
10-10.30am: May drink freshly pressed fruit juice. 1?2 hour later may eat 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit
1 hour later eat regular light food
Next 2-3 days: Light meals

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