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Presence – The Elegance of the Moment

January 11 2014


•prez•ns/ – noun –  “the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing”.
eg: “i could feel the presence of god” – synonyms: existence, being there
There are many rewards to be enjoyed is we can shift into living with presence (aka: being “aware”, “living in the moment” or “in the now”). You don’t need to try to do anything but keep returning into awareness that now is all there until you are living from this place continuously and effortlessly. Just some of the fruits and flowers that flow follow:

• We respond instead of reacting
• We have more energy
• We overcome procrastination
• We complete tasks efficiently, effortlessly and feel as though we have more time in which to accomplish them
• We are no longer in a hurry
• We are less resistant to the unpredictable currents of life
• We experience a spontaneous creativity
• We are more comfortable around our immediate family
• Circumstances and people that once annoyed us no longer take up our attention.
• Our intimate relationships improve
• We stop interfering with other peoples lives
• Our sleep is more restful
• Nagging symptoms we may have experienced for years are integrated
• Longtime habits cease
• We experience weight loss without dieting
• We enjoy being around children
• We laugh more and are more playful
• Our diet gravitates effortlessly towards eating healthily and we take an active interest in our health
• People are attracted to us and enjoy our company
• We enjoy solitude
• We sense events before they occur
• We experience synchronicity in the events in life
• We experience greater abundance
• We feel less inclined to plan the future
• We let go of “stuff” that we have hoarded for years
• We manifest less drama
• Certain people move out of our sphere of activity
• Our outlook is naturally optimistic
• We become interested in our vibrational wellbeing
• We cease seeking distraction
• We are more gentle and compassionate towards ourselves
• We experience less anxiety
• We are more compassionate and have more patience with others
• Our life becomes a journey and not an intended destination
• We experience spontaneous gratitude
• What we require comes to us instead of us seeking it out
• We feel a deeper sense of connection with nature
• We become part of the natural cycles
• We perceive the wonder dressing of the world
• We no longer seek the extraordinary
• Our capacity for trusting our insight blossoms
• We feel blessed with purpose
• We make an authentic contribution to the world

Please watch this beautiful video by Ekhart Tolle – the master guide to being present in the moment…

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