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Reconciling Divine & Free Will. All part of the same program…

December 2 2013

Being back in the heart of Ubud is bringing rapid clarity to me about the meaning of life.

I have been reflecting on what I call programs. Layers and layers of compatible (and sometimes incompatible) programs all running as dramas, habits, desires, (memories, dreams, reflections!) indoctrination, idiosyncrasies, people, DNA, objects, fears. Some internally, some external.

So just how aware are we of all this stuff going on, how aware are we of the programs? And what is the point of it all?

If we are lucky enough to realise it, to recognise the myriad individual process and sub processes and sub sub processes, etc that are all simultaneously going on, then we should be able to move the next step. Experience. To allow each program it’s chance to run. Once experienced, each recognised, “lived” program can end – knowing it is complete – it has run it’s course. Ha!  And of course into the void, a new set of programs begins.

The key to the experience step is letting go & allowing – in other words – surrender. However, as we observe and experience further, this cycle speeds up – it keeps accelerating until, at some point, separation starts to blur. A few beautiful things start to happen concurrently. Recognition of the master program, that all these little programs are gifts, pointing us to recognise and bow to the majesty of the master program for having created all this beauty. And the ability to attract the processes and programs to your core that fully resonate with your being.

I believe this is what is meant by the term free will. It reconciles it with divine will. Many beings live their entire lives without recognising the master program and the sub-programs within, but if we can, it will point the way to a rich and enlightened experience here on earth – and understanding the meaning of life!

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