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Russell Brand: Commedic Trojan Horse – Tick

November 2 2013

Everyone, it seems, saw the russell brand video. If you didn’t, you can see it here…

It got me interested in Rusty’s revolution.

There is funny, but serious work being done here. Rusty is a trojan horse for the raising of awareness, and the method of delivery is brilliant: Authentic humour.

So – more from furry wall licking, Jeffery smoking revolutionist… Onwards.

YouTube… Better than the NSBC video (watch it if you didn’t)  is this one with Fifi Box – especially where he mounts her at the end of the interview and releases his spores…

But Rusty is a full blown human being, as the following two clips show.

This first interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones is a beauty, including couple of lines from Alex Jones himself that resonated:

“Just being aware that you are being selfish or narcissistic is half the battle”

“I think thats how you tell the good guys from the bad guys… If someone wants to expand consciousness, awakening, understanding and empower people, then that means they are on the good side. If they want to shutter the horizons and put walls around the mind, thats the bad guys”

And the future for humans as described by Rusty in this video is a cracker

“The dead human ape has not evolved for the last ten thousand years… Now we must transform, become enlightened, so that we can access the next realm of consciousness necessary for our evolution”

Excellent work and a hat tip.

P/S: 100% on my top 10 celebrity dinner party list – alive or dead. Need to keep space for two or three night wives too though.

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