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February 23 2014

When i was young i was told “do not stare at the sun, you will go blind”. As with so many of the things we are given to understand as children, i didn’t think to challenge this comment whatsoever until i was introduced to the concept of sungazing. Sungazing is exactly as it implies: Staring at the sun for an extended period of time. Sun gazing needs some understanding to make it safe, but once understood it can quite simply be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences of being human. When you consider how different this planet Earth would be without the sun, and how most of life as we know it either directly or indirectly fundamentally owes its existence to the sun, you can start to appreciate the power and the complexity of the energy and information that is radiating forthwith. Now consider tapping directly into that source.

The first and most important thing to note about Sungazing is this. If it hurts, stop. Its not supposed to hurt.

Secondly, its important to sungaze at times where the ultraviolet (UV) levels are low which is most commonly around sunset and sunrise. At noon 50% of UV makes it to earth, at dawn and dusk 90%+ is scattered in the sky. Ultraviolet light can be good for many things, but too much too soon from staring directly at the sun in the middle of the day is not recommended!! As a general rule, you should restrict your sungazing to the periods up to 40 minutes after sunrise and 40 minutes before sunset to be safe.

Thirdly, sungazing should be started in small steps. Start with 10 seconds and work your way up in 10 second increments every day so you can get a feel for it.

Sungazing has many benefits apart from being a beautiful experience in its own right. These include:

• Increases energy
• Promotes weight loss
• Boosts the production of Serotonin (feel good drug), but synthesising melotonin (sleep regulation drug)
• Cures SADS and reduces stress
• Keep your glands stimulated, happy, and healthy

Ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Socrotes

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And finally, some advice from Kundalini Yoga, by Sri Swami Sivananda
“Very few Yogins do Trataka on the sun. It requires the help of an experienced man by their side. They begin to gaze on the rising sun and after gradual practice they do Trataka on the sun even in the midday. They get some special Siddhis (psychic powers) by this practice. All are not fit for this Sadhana. All the first 9 exercises will suit everyone and they are harmless. The last one, sun-gazing should not be attempted until you get the help of an experienced man.”

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