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The Story of The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book Series

November 20 2013

In 1994 on the banks of the River Ob deep in the Siberian taiga, a Russian entrepreneur named Vladimir Megre had a chance meeting with two gentlemen who told tales of the Siberian cedar and its amazing properties. A year of planning ensued in which a commercial expedition was arranged to with the purpose of penetrating into the taiga to learn more about the secrets of this tree.

This expedition was to have a profound and unexpected result not only on Vladimir Megre, but the course of humanity…

Returning a year later to the location of the meeting the previous year, Vladimir found the granddaughter of one of the men waiting for him. A woman called Anastasia.

The meeting with Anastasia set in motion the creation of a series of books to be written by Vladimir Megre which  set forth — in clear language — a new way of understanding our divinity as human beings and a template for living the ultimate reality. Anastasia, via Megre espouses ideas from the education of children to the importance of communicating with living Nature, from nutrition and health to spirituality and sexual relations. .

Ten books have now been published by Megre including a nine book series called “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” and a new book entitled “Anasta”

Perhaps never have a series of books been written that are as important as these. If you want to understand the nature of reality today and where humanity is going, then read these books.

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