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Vision for the future

June 19 2016

Imagine a world of beauty and love, all things balanced, aligned and in harmony with themselves.

Imagine being nourished by the possession of what it is like just to be ourselves. At once at peace and purpose in union with partner, work and self.

Imagine man living in respect for nature, thriving from her bounty, content with the infinite priceless gifts of our father. The death of desire, the rebirth of eternal appreciation for what is our birthright.

Imagine taking from the substance of the earth only with great ceremony and forethought and a robust plan to give back to the mother. Plans that encompass and comprehend an infinite lifestyle. As sure as the sun rises – give thanks for the sun! – we will walk these fields together again, and again.

Imagine a yoga between nature and technology, where only that which sustains and feeds, makes more beautiful and enriches is conceived and born into physical existence. Where the higher faster energies work to their higher faster purposes. The talk is walked and the rubber has left the road.

Imagine a reality where the other is embraced as an integral loved part of self. Where self-awareness is expanded to encompass the knowledge that in the moment of the genis of the need to help or change, the helpless and the resistance arises. So all are inclined towards let it be.

Imagine a world of gift ecconmics, where we are defined anew by what we can and do freely give, knowing the safety net is ever present for all time. Imagine calculating the value of things by how much value they truely add to community and commons, people and place, now and into the unforeseeable future.

Imagine all the faculties and functions of our essence; remember how to communicate without words, travel without moving, to dance like no one is watching you!

Imagine a human being reading these words in a future time, reading between these lines of the suffering and seperation that once was. Imagine that child of today, dancing in her now her dance of thanks for the pain of the past, dancing into her future bright with wholeness.

And imagine, just imagine if you believed how powerful your imagination is, how powerful you would be.



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