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We ARE Sacred Geometry

March 12 2014

The pattern of cell division in biology matches the fundamental structure of the fabric of the space that it is dividing in. It had better, or else we probably wouldn’t be able to coordinate the estimated 100-200 TRILLION chemical reactions that happen per SECOND on a cellular level inside the human body!

When we are 64 cells old, all of our cells are identical and our physical existence matches the geometry of a 3D Flower of Life. It is not until after 64 cells that the cells start to Bifurcate and differentiate into different types of cells, dividing until we become 100 trillion cells, each made of 100 trillion atoms working in perfect synchrony.

For more on this check out Nassim Haramein and his life’s work worth of research papers that are all available for viewing & download from the website of his foundation called The Resonance Project:

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